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Telecom West NBN Fibre and Fixed Wireless Plans - The new generation of super fast broadband
  • Some of the amazing benefits of having NBN with Telecom West:

  •   No Lock-in Contracts! 3 different speeds to choose from!
      No on/off peak data limits, use whenever you like! Fast, hassle free connection!
      Connect existing phone! 7 day Australian based technical support!
      No excess data charges! Professional installations available!

  • Steps to get NBN at your place:

  • 1. Firstly, let's see if you can get the NBN:

    2. If it is not available yet please register here so we can get you on the NBN the day it becomes available to you.

    3. Now choose your NBN Fibre or NBN Fixed Wireless plan from the table below (NBN Fixed Wireless only available on 25/5 and 50/20 plans):

    Monthly Cost
    Included Data
    Cost per 1GB of included data
    NBN 25/5 15GB
    15 GB
    NBN 25/5 100GB
    100 GB
    NBN 25/5 250GB
    250 GB
    NBN 25/5 500GB
    500 GB
    NBN 25/5 1000GB
    1000 GB
    NBN 50/20 100GB
    100 GB
    NBN 50/20 250GB
    250 GB
    NBN 50/20 500GB
    500 GB
    NBN 50/20 1000GB
    1000 GB
    NBN 100/40 100GB
    100 GB
    NBN 100/40 250GB
    250 GB
    NBN 100/40 500GB
    500 GB
    NBN 100/40 1000GB
    1000 GB

    Add an optional phone plan (connect using your current handset) from below (only available on NBN Fibre, HNG Modem required):

    Plan Name
    Monthly Cost
    Local Calls
    National Calls
    Calls to Mobiles
    Calls to 13/1300
    International Calls
    NBN Bronze
    17.6c/per call
    39.6c/per call
    33c/per min
    44c/per call
    11c/per min
    NBN Silver
    16.5c/per call
    27.5c/per min
    44c/per call
    11c/per min
    NBN Gold
    20.9c/per min
    44c/per call
    11c/per min

    *Call rate only applies on calls to landlines to the following top 20 international destinations: United Kingdom, China* , New Zealand, United States, Japan, Malaysia, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong*, Singapore, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, France, Chile & Taiwan. *fixed wire to mobile included

    Call us on 1300 579 331 to start the process of getting NBN at your premises. The process is usually as below:

    1. a. Choose a plan above and contact us.
    2. b. We send you a NBN modem to connect with for a one off fee.
    3. c. Self-install the modem yourself. We can help via phone support.
    4. d. If required, we can install the modem professionally for you for a one off fee.
    5. e. NBN gets activated at your premises.
    6. f. Plug in your old phone if you choose the optional phone plan.
    7. g. You are now able to use the NBN.

  • View Critical Information Summary​​​

  • Terms & conditions:​​​
  • 1. All prices indicated are including GST. 2.Total Minimum commitment over no contract term is $162.90 (NBN 25/5 15), $167.90 (NBN 25/5 100), $172.90 (NBN 25/5 250), $177.90 (NBN 25/5 500), $182.90 (NBN 25/5 1000), $182.90 (NBN 50/20 100), $187.90 (NBN 50/20 250), $192.90 (NBN 50/20 500), $197.90 (NBN 50/20 1000), $192.90 (NBN 100/40 100), $197.90 (NBN 100/40 250), $202.90 (NBN 100/40 500), $207.90 (NBN 100/40 1000). 3. It is a requirement that you pay your bill on the due date via direct debit. 4. Early termination fee, if you choose to cancel your service or it is disconnected for any reason within the no contract term you will be charged an early termination fee comprised of a fee of $0 per NBN service. 5. Not available to all customers in all areas. 6. NBN Speeds are theoretical maximum speeds based on tests. Actual speeds may be less due to a number of factors including network configuration, number of users or connections, the connection type (fibre or fixed wireless), customer premises interference, traffic, hardware and software. 7. Usage means monthly upload & download data transfer, 1 Gigabyte = 1000 Megabytes. 8. There are no automatic excess usage charges on NBN. Any traffic beyond the included data quota will be slowed to 256kbps/256kbps. 9​. Static IP address provided with the service. 10. NBN services are not covered by the Customer Service Guarantee Standard. 11. Please refer to our Standard Form of Agreement for terms of use. 12. Acceptable Usage Policy applies 13. All new activations are $99.95. If you are porting an existing NBN connection from another provider a “fast-churn” fee of $99.95 is applicable. 14. Dishonoured direct debit payments may incur a charge. 15. Professional installation of your modem is available for a fee of $199.95 . 16. In some rare cases there may be a fee from NBN Co for installations. 17. A NBN compatible modem is required to access this service, modems are listed on our website. 18. New Developments Charge (For activations from 1st April 2016 where applicable) may be charged by NBN Co. at a fee of up to $349.00 for activations in a new development. 19. For all NBN services with any analogue voice plan added (Bronze, Silver, Gold), a HNG from our modem page must be purchased for the voice service to be activated.

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